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This is who we are!

Crescentia is the botanical name of the “Gourd” or “Calabash” tree.   
The fruit is widely utilized by different groups of people across the planet and throughout  the centuries.

Uses are utilitarian, decorative, and artistic.

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The leaves of Crescentia trees

point in four directions

to maximize 
the absortion of sunlight....

sloth costa rica
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costa rica

* Mario Córdoba has been a naturalist tour leader since 1992 when he started leading hikes at the foothills of Arenal Volcano. He received his educational training at Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica in Ecotourism. His passion for birds and nature developed as he grew up in the rainy mountains and valleys of San Carlos in northern Costa Rica.

Mario has worked for a variety of leading tour companies and organizations throughout Costa Rica. His knowledge and expertise contribute to a handcrafted tour.

* Yessenia Herrera has worked as a tour designer in the Arenal area since 1995. She is experienced as a reservations and operations manager.  Yessenia’s site-inspection travels around the country, respect and admiration for Costa Rica’s natural beauties, and vast experience in the tourism business allow her to create tailored vacations to meet the needs and desires of travelers from any part of the world.

According to the UN's Environment Programme, Eco-Tourism is defined as:

"Reponsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment

and sustains the well being of local people"

A rather simple definition that sets the guidelines for our practice!...

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