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Our educational tours make a difference!
Excursions to National Parks and private reserves allow students to construct

meaning about natural diversity through experiential learning.

Interactions with local people provide an authentic cultural exchange leading to

enhanced global awareness and appreciation of students’ own resources.
Many students who have traveled with Crescentia Expeditions have pursued study

abroad programs, made commitments to become bilingual, or have chosen

international fields of study. Crescentia Expeditions creates the perfect balance of education and fun for students. 

Adventure activities such as Zip –Lining and white water rafting are selected according the rule of safety first!

Educational Tours

-Supporting local conservation groups through volunteer work and interacting with community members helps students realize the importance of preserving the natural resources and cultural heritage.

 We invite students and educators to join our efforts to practice responsible tourism through educational and fun journeys while respecting the natural and cultural components of the country.

We don't organize ordinary travel... 
we make sure we all learn, have fun and  go back with a broader perspective of how we can help make our planet a better place!

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